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I make music as a hobby. Mostly stuff that sounds like VGM or Electronic-ish
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Posted by Razex - August 19th, 2021

So, this is to kind of clarify what I said in my latest song's description: a while ago I exchanged my terrible laptop for a PC hoping for something better and yeah, needless to say it's kinda the same thing and comes with even worse problems like suddenly crashing.

The reason I'm saying this is because, no matter how much my old laptop sucked, I could at least do something in a DAW. Every track I made before 2021 was in FL Studio, I don't know how, but it handled it decently despite having a terrible amount of RAM and CPU. I haven't tried making music on this computer, but I'd rather not even try, because I am pretty damn sure it can't handle a DAW like FL Studio. So, I've been only using it for studying and seldom uploading tracks to SoundCloud or Newgrounds - essentially just using my browser - and it has been pretty bad at that. To give you an idea: I'm kinda speedrunning typing this right now, hoping my PC won't crash in the next few minutes.

And this has demotivated me so much to make music, I have stopped doing it for several months and the only way I have of making music right now is on my phone. I won't be here stating the obvious, but you know how mobile DAWs have their annoying limitations and that has demotivated me even much.

So, what will happen? I don't know, maybe I'll get used to it and upload more tracks made on my phone, I might not upload until I get a better PC (which would inevitably take a while). I doubt anyone cares, because I'm not going to lie, Newgrounds has been the last place I upload my finished tracks and I have always been inactive here, part of it is because I'm not really used to this site in particular, but I'm posting this anyway to elaborate more on my current situation on making music.